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LT Robert T.Gregory 6-22-1954 to 3-30-1955
LCDR John F.Hawkins 3-30-1955 to 4-5-1956
LCDR Allen L.Peek 4-5-1956 to 7-13-1957
LT Alva M.Bowen Jr. 7-13-1957 to 7-8-1959
LT Samuel L.Doak 7-8-1959 to 7-31-1960
LCDR Gordon E.McPadden 7-31-1960 to 4-13-1962
LCDR Daniel T.Bridge 4-13-1962 to 9-27-1963
LCDR Robert M.Marshall 9-27-1963 to 5-24-1965
LCDR George H.Overstreet 5-24-1965 to 5-5 -1967
LCDR Weldon J.Bowling 5-5-1967 to 8-30-1968
LT Lee N.Schofield 8-30-1968 to 3-20-1970
LCDR Jay P.Dorfer 3-20-1970 to 6-4-1971
LT Ronald W.Harding 6-4 1971 to 8-11-1972
LT Richard M.Currier 8-11-1972 to 3-3-1974
LCDR Thomas S.O'Keefe Jr 3-3-1974 to 4-10-1976
LT Charles T.Ristorcelli 4-10-1976 to 7-8-1977
LCDR H.David Kirkpatrick 7-8-1977 to 1979
CDR John G.Strohaker 1979 to 5-1-1982
CDR Philip F.Shullo 5-1-1982 to 1-14-1984
CDR Christopher E.Weaver 1-14-1984 to 7-19-1986
LCDR Peter Wyncoop 7-19-1986 to ?
LCDR D.F.Dalton ?
CDR J.J.Lobue ? to 2-20-1988
CDR Bassett 2-20 1988 to 3-15-1988
LCDR J.K.ROSS 3-15-1988 to 9-19-1988
CDR J.J.Lobue 9-19-1988 to 10-24-1988
LCDR D.F.Dalton 10-24-1988 to 1-6-1989
LCDR J.B.Campbell 1-6-1989 to 2-15-1989
LCDR J.K.ROSS 2-15-1989 to 4-28-1989
LCDR Jim L.Clark 4-28-1989 to 2-15-1991
LT Michael Prince 2-15-1991 to 3-19-1991
LCDR Steve E.Lehr 3-19-1991 to 9-30-1991
LCDR Elliott Powell Jr. 9-30-1991 to 2-21-1992
LCDR Murray Hess 2-21-1992 to 6-30-1993



Humanitarain Service Medal -1 Cuban Boatlift 1980
Navy Expeditionary Medals - 3

The second Exultant (AM-441) was launched 6 June 1953 by Higgins, Inc., New Orleans, La.; sponsored by Miss A. Brooks, and commissioned 22 June 1954, Lieutenant R. T. Gregory in command. She was reclassified MSO-441 on 7 February 1955.
Exultant first tied up at Charleston, her home port and headquarters for the Mine Force, Atlantic Fleet, 23 July 1954. Along with the coastwise training operations vital to maintaining her readiness, she cruised to the Mediterranean to serve with the 6th Fleet in 1955, 1957-1958, and 1959-1960. During all of these tours of duty, she exercised with ships of other NATO navies, joined in fleet operations, and visited a large variety of Mediterranean ports.
In both 1956 and 1957, Exultant spent a month in northern waters, in 1956 exercising with minesweepers of the Royal Canadian Navy out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in 1957, participating in cold weather sweeping operations out of Argentia, Newfoundland. Her other activities through July of 1960 included fleet operations in the Caribbean, as well as individual training there, amphibious exercises on the beaches of North Carolina, and participation in experimental operations in the development of mine warfare.
On 12 August 1960, while underway off the east coast, Exultant suffered extensive interior damage from a flash fire in her engineering spaces. Valiant performance of duty by the minesweeper's damage control parties, and gallant help from Nimble (MSO-459) extinguished the flames and enabled Exultant to return safely to port. Five of Exultant's crew lost their lives in the blaze.
Engineman 2nd Class
Thomas S. Baker
Engineman 2nd Class
Jackie W. Byrd
David J. Gaignard
Engineman 3rd Class
William C. Glenn
Engineman 3rd Class
Michael J. Nemeth

On 30 April 1980, President Carter ordered the Navy to divert ships scheduled for a Caribbean naval exercise to assist in rescuing Cuban refugees who were in distress aboard overcrowded private vessels. On 1 May, the Department of Defense announced that Atlantic Fleet ships would be diverted from Exercise Solid Shield 80 to assist the U.S. Coast Guard in the Florida Straits. Navy ships assigned to the operations included: LHA-2 Saipan, LST-1190 Boulder, LPD-15 Ponce, LSI-1188 Saginaw, LPD-12 Shreveport, MSO-448 Illusive, MSO-490 Leader, MSO-443 Fidelity, MSO-441 Exultant, MSO-431 Dominant, MSO-433 Engage. On 9 May, a landing craft from LHA-2 Saipan took 140 Cuban refugees aboard. On 3 June, President Carter authorized the involuntary call-up of USCG reservists to take over the regular duties of Coast Guard personnel assigned to aid with the Cuban refugee operations.Awarded Humanitarian Service Medal for this operation.



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